jeudi 22 mars 2012


Here's at last a second article.

Ambiance sketch of the station, as seen from the street, with a cablecar in the foreground, and the Disneyland hotel in the background.

It concerns the Main street station, near the entrance of the park. I should have posted this much earlier, but I had some doubts that made me hesitate for a while.
The building is inspired by the Nyugati railway station, in Budapest, Hungary. The original building could be assimilated to the english victorian architectural movement, but was built by the "Eiffel company" in 1875, and has some oriental inspirations as well, especially in its ornaments.
To be honest, I am not completely satisfied with this design. I think that the shape of the building is too much of a square, and do not ressembles a real station in its layout. In the end I find it a little too fantaisist to my taste. But there are so many other things I still have to define concerning the park, that I don't don't think I should take the time to make another attempt for the moment.

Elevation sketch for the main facade.

quick ornamental study

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  1. Ludovic (Mjinspace)25 mars 2012 à 14:21

    C'est une bien belle station, tu fais même des bâtiments 3D?

    Un Main Street original, sur l'Europe, y a t-il des dark rides sur les histoires européennes plus récentes?

    1. Sensational renderings... The graphite drawing with the train & station looks like a McKim/Ryman/Goff piece from the 1950s WED.

      The elevations and pencil detail sketches are outstanding as well. Looking forward to your next entry.

    2. @Ludovic
      Merci pour ton commentaire, oui je fais un peu de modélisation en néophyte, mais je n'ai clairement pas la patience nécessaire pour ce genre de choses. Pour les dark rides, en dehors de Haunted Mansion, le contenu de main street sera principalement des espaces d'exposition, à l'image de la Disney gallery de Disneyland.

      @SWW Thank you for your compliments, the Herb Ryman comparison is very flattering for me!

  2. C'est bien que tu fasses un manoir hanté dans un land différent des autres parcs, après tout c'est le but que se font chacun des parcs. Il y a quoi comme espace d'exposition?

  3. Très beaux croquis, celui de la file d'attente de la maison hantée m'intrigue d'ailleurs.
    J'espère que tu vas continuer à nous faire partager tes projets.

  4. WOW! Your project so far looks incredible. Love how you've gone into such detail on the station and I'm so looking forward to see the rest of the park. Well Done, such an incredible talent!